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Methane is a natural gas that is used as a motor fuel in compressed form. Why should you pay attention to methane, its advantages compared to petroleum products?

Let's start with the biggest plus — saving money on refueling the car. In order to turn methane into fuel, you need to compress the gas in a compressor, pump it into a car cylinder and that's it. Therefore, the price of natural gas is 2-3 times lower than the price of petroleum products. The cost of methane today is about 16-17 rubles per cubic meter against the cost of a liter of AI—92 gasoline at 45 rubles, while 1 cubic meter of methane is equivalent to 1 liter of petroleum fuel.

Let's calculate the savings in money in the case of refueling with methane. Of course, the calculation is purely theoretical, but it very clearly shows the savings on refueling the car.

A car with a 4-cylinder engine

Average fuel price, rub.

Consumption per 100 km of the way

Mileage per year

The cost of installing gas cylinder equipment of the car, rub.

Fuel costs per year, rub.

Annual savings, rub.

Gasoline AI-92


15 L

35 000


236 250



15 M3

40 000

118 750

117 500



18 L

30 000

187 500

48 750

Thus, the family saves about 117 500 rubles a year when refueling with natural gas. Agree not a little, it's almost the budget of a summer vacation by the sea with the whole family. At the same time, neither husband nor wife denied themselves anything to rest, money for rest practically appeared simply "out of thin air", or rather, from methane. In the future, the cost of methane, if it changes, is insignificant, because the cost is regulated by law and cannot exceed 50% of the price of AI-80 gasoline.

Another advantage of methane is that it burns without the formation of ash, which settles on the cylinders and does not wash off the oil film from them, all this reduces friction and reduces the wear of parts. Practice shows that when running on natural gas, the engine lasts 1.5 times longer, which means that it is necessary to repair the car less often.

An additional advantage of methane is that it is the most environmentally friendly fuel available. It has been proven that smoke is reduced, and harmful compounds of sulfur and lead are absent altogether. Methane is safe in terms of ignition, it is not able to form a mixture of fuel and air, because it is lighter than air and evaporates very quickly. Therefore, it has been assigned the 4th safety class among combustible substances. For comparison, propane-butane gas mixture has a class 2 safety of combustible substances.

Thus, we will highlight the main reasons to switch to methane fuel:

  • Profitably. We save on refueling with methane fuel, we pay 3 times less compared to petroleum products;
  • Practical. The car engine will last longer by reducing the wear of parts;
  • Eco-friendly and safe. Methane does not emit harmful compounds into the atmosphere, while methane is lighter than air and is not able to form a mixture for an explosion in an open space.

It's time to think about switching to methane, calculate the financial benefits, dream of a vacation at the expense of savings, take care of your safety when using methane.