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The Russian University of Transport (RUT (MIIT)), a leading industry university in the country, together with Artmetan Group, one of the leading suppliers of especially clean gases in Russia and abroad, as well as Green Drive, a participant in the domestic market of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, announce a joint effort in the field of sustainable development and energy transition. The relevant Agreements were signed in Moscow on April 10.

The University and business companies have agreed to cooperate in expanding the charging infrastructure for electric transport and refueling infrastructure with alternative fuels, including liquefied and compressed natural gas, hydrogen on the international transport corridors "West - East" and "North–South", "Europe – Western China", as well as in the development of the road network the largest agglomerations of the country.

The parties intend to work together to improve the current legislation and program documents of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation related to the problem of energy transfer, cooperate in the field of innovation, research and implementation of educational programs.

In addition, the Academy of Road Management RUT (MIIT), JSC "Artmetan Group", LLC "Green Drive" at the site of the leading investment and consulting company of the transport industry - "Avtodor Invest" (a subsidiary of the State Company "Russian Highways") planned to implement a set of measures for the development and replication of promising functional, planning, technical and technological solutions for the infrastructure of "green" road service in order to provide high-quality service to road users and develop the potential of the regions of the Russian Federation.


Tatiana Markanich, Vice-Rector of RUT (MIIT): «Reducing the negative impact of the transport complex on the environment through the introduction of progressive clean technologies, the development of "green" road service are urgent tasks for our country. By uniting in their solution, the state and business can do much more than separately. We are glad that RUT (MIIT), the leading platform in providing personnel and scientific support to the transport industry, and leading Russian companies are becoming an example of public-private partnership in the field of energy transfer».

Andrey Dubovskov, CEO of Art Meta Group, founder of Green Drive: "Decarbonization of energy systems is a truly civilizational issue. His awareness is rapidly happening in the world. In Russia, meanwhile, gasoline is confidently leading among all types of fuel. But we are sure that the future of heavy machinery (long—haul, quarry, agricultural, passenger transport) is for liquefied natural gas, passenger cars — of course, for electric. It is gratifying that the largest branch university in Russia — RUT (MIIT) shares this conviction and is aimed at effective transformations"

Source: Press Center