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In the modern world, due to the limited energy resources, technologies for extracting energy from alternative, renewable sources are developing at an accelerated pace. They are widely used to solve energy supply problems on an industrial scale and in the private sector. Alternative energy sources such as solar and wind energy are used for power supply and water heating, geothermal heat for heating and air conditioning. They are of great interest because of:

  • significant financial savings;
  • reducing environmental damage.

Is there a similar alternative to refined petroleum products for motorists? Of course, this is natural gas — methane.

The price of methane is one of the lowest compared to petroleum products, and this is a significant saving when refueling.

In terms of environmental impact, methane has a number of advantages over other fuels.

During the production of gasoline, a large amount of harmful waste is generated, and even sewage treatment plants are not always able to cope with dangerous substances. There is no waste and harmful substances in the production of methane, because it is natural gas. It is compressed and pumped into cylinders. In this form, it is served at gas stations.

But the advantage of methane is not only in harmless production. The products of its combustion are carbon dioxide and water, completely harmless compounds for the surrounding nature. There are no impurities in methane, as in refined petroleum products, therefore, there are no emissions of pollutants, including dangerous sulfur dioxide, into the atmosphere during combustion.

Methane is safe in terms of ignition, it is not able to form a mixture of fuel and air, because it is lighter than air and evaporates very quickly.

Therefore, methane can be called an alternative source of energy for motor transport: profitable, environmentally friendly and safe.